For best results consume the HERO Bar within 30 minutes of competing.

During a long day of competing, keeping your athlete properly fueled can be quite the challenge. 
Let's keep it simple. The bodies main energy source is carbohydrates so think carbs pre-event. After the event, your athlete's muscles need to recover and rebuild so think protein.



The HERO Bar is designed to refuel and rebuild your athlete after their sporting event with a 2:1 Protein to Carb ratio. A good source of fast-digesting protein can be hard to find, but HERO has you covered with 10 grams of whey protein.  For best results have your athlete consume the HERO Bar within 30 minutes of finishing their event. 



45 min to 1 hour before the event, focus on a good carbohydrate meal. There are lots of good options for getting a well-balanced snack or meal pre-event. After all, there is no shortage of carbohydrates available to us in our diets today. But keep in mind not all carbs are created equal... 
Try to obtain a nice blend of fast digesting carbs like simple sugars and slower digesting carbs like whole grains. Think of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread as the perfect example-simple carbs in the jelly for quick energy and complex carbs in the bread for sustained energy. Avoid eating anything with too much protein or fat as these digest slowly.



If your athlete has multiple events, stick to the same rules outlined above. Try to consume protein within 30 minutes after their first competition and focus on carbohydrates 45 min-1 hour before their next event. If events are immediately back to back, the carbohydrate principle overrules: stick to consuming carbs and avoid fats and high amounts of protein that might sit in your athlete's stomach. 


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