The Young Athlete Formula

The Young Athlete Formula

Today Reid and I shot a quick video to talk about what exactly the "Young Athlete Formula" means. 

HEROFUEL is uniquely designed for athletes 6-14 and in this video, we discuss the three components critical to properly fueling young athletes: Performance Nutrition,

Natural Ingredients, and Great Taste. 

Enjoy the video and see below for more notes!


Performance Nutrition

First, HEROFUEL meets the unique nutritional needs of young athletes. These needs are different from adults and as such, the majority of the nutrition bars on the market aren't ideal for fueling young athletes. How did we arrive at the unique needs of young athletes? 

We started by looking at the USDA recommended daily values for protein, fiber, and sugar for kids aged 6-14. Using these values as a starting place we then consulted with sports nutritionists and adjusted the levels of these nutrients based on the needs of athletes after intense exercise or sport. 

The takeaway: HEROFUEL is high in protein and fiber and low in sugar. 

Click here to see the full HEROFUEL nutrition label. 


Natural Ingredients

Many bars on the market claim low calories, high amounts of protein, and little to no sugar. All good things, right? But, how are they doing it? You guessed it, they're using artificial ingredients and sweeteners to inflate their nutrition label.

We believe kids should consume raw, whole foods as much as possible and avoid synthetic ingredients for which the long-term consequences are still unknown.  

Click here to see the full HEROFUEL ingredient list. 


Great Taste

Finally, what good is a nutrition bar for kids if they won't eat it? We know kids can be particularly picky so we kept the taste profile top of mind when designing HEROFUEL. After sampling at hundreds of sporting events we've found about 9 out of 10 kids love the taste of HEROFUEL. We think your athlete will too! 

If you'd like to try a free sample, simply enter your email at the bottom of the website. 

Questions? Visit the contact page and drop us a note! 


Kassidy Banks


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