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Tyler Liu-TEAMHERO Athlete

Leave a message for Tyler in the comments below and view his Photo Album! Full Name: Tyler LiuAge: 10City: San Jose, CA  Terrific  Yay Laughter Energetic Race Why do you enjoy swimming?    I have a lot of friends and I really like racing people.  What’s the best advice you’ve received from a coach or role model?      Do your best and always have fun, no matter what.  What is your best sports-related memory? Getting my first Far Western spot when I was nine. It was for the the 200 IM. What is your biggest sports-related goal? To be faster than Michael Phelps!   Who is your favorite athlete?  Michael Phelps. What is your favorite subject in school?  Math because it is more...

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The Simple Breakdown on Carbs

Carbohydrates: the nutritional enigma. Some diets avoid them like the plague but for athletes, they are critical. Let’s get the basics down so you can be sure to fuel your athlete right.

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Nutrition Talk at Project Streamline!

Before the winter break, I had the great opportunity to attend a Project Streamline camp in Los Altos, CA and speak to athletes about the importance of proper nutrition to athletic performance.  Project Streamline was a three-day camp hosted by Olympians Larsen Jensen and Natalie Coughlin. They have more camps returning this summer, so keep your eyes out!  It was a ton of fun speaking to some of the best young swimmers in the area. The goal of my 20-minute talk was to do two things: First, convince these athletes that nutrition really does impact their performance.  And second, teach them the basics of nutrition so they can use proper eating to gain an advantage over the competition.  Here are the slides from...

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HEROFUEL Nut Free Update

Happy Thanksgiving all!  I wanted to write a quick update on where the HEROFUEL Nut Free Flavor stands. If you'd like more regular updates, let me know your email and I'll add you to our nut free email list.  Our next flavor of HEROFUEL will achieve the following: 

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