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The Making of Cookies 'N Cream

When we first started selling the HERO Bar last year we knew we were on to something. Young Athletes loved the product and parents kept telling us "I'm always looking for a good bar for my athlete!" We were thrilled.

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Tyler Liu-TEAMHERO Athlete

Leave a message for Tyler in the comments below and view his Photo Album! Full Name: Tyler LiuAge: 10City: San Jose, CA  Terrific  Yay Laughter Energetic Race Why do you enjoy swimming?    I have a lot of friends and I really like racing people.  What’s the best advice you’ve received from a coach or role model?      Do your best and always have fun, no matter what.  What is your best sports-related memory? Getting my first Far Western spot when I was nine. It was for the the 200 IM. What is your biggest sports-related goal? To be faster than Michael Phelps!   Who is your favorite athlete?  Michael Phelps. What is your favorite subject in school?  Math because it is more...

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