Quest Hero Bar

Company Announcement-
Some customers are asking about Quest Nutrition's newly released "Hero Protein Bar". Quest Nutrition makes a popular protein bar designed for adults that is high protein, low calorie, low carbohydrate and is releasing a new "candy protein bar" called the Quest Hero Protein Bar with a new artificial sweetener called "Allulose". 
If you've landed on this page in search of the Quest Hero Bar, we manufacture a line of nutrition bars engineered specifically to fuel young athletes aged 6-14 called HERO Bars. If you have a young athlete and are looking to keep them optimally fueled on gameday, you can learn more about the HERO Bar here, or try a free sample here
The Quest HERO Protein bar is not associated with HERO.  We take a very different approach to nutrition focusing exclusively on providing the world's best nutrition bar for young athletes aged 6-14. This means balanced nutrition at the optimal levels; simple, all natural ingredients; and flavors even picky eaters love.
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