The Post Game Protein Bar for Kids

Morgan Hawes HERO Athlete

We all know the importance of protein. Especially for young athletes who are not only competing extremely hard but also still growing and developing. 

The recommended daily amount of protein for kids aged 6-14 is 27 grams. For young athletes, this number will be even higher. 

Also critical is the timing your child consumes protein. You want to ensure your young athlete consumes protein within a 30 minute window after their sporting activity. This is the time when muscles and tissues are most receptive to nutrients for repair. 

So post meet, game, or competition, what do you turn to? 

Or even more challenging, what about the "in between times"? In between school and practice? In between multiple sporting events throughout a long day? 

We designed HEROFUEL to be a convenient recovery bar specifically designed for young athletes. 

That means HEROFUEL passes the "Young Athlete Test": 

1. It uses simple, all natural ingredients

2. It tastes great so even picky eaters will enjoy eating it regularly

3. The nutrition panel is designed to be ideal for 6-14 year olds: 10g Protein, 7g Fiber, 8g Sugar. 

If you've been using other bars to fuel your athlete, we invite you to try a free sample of HEROFUEL! We believe HEROFUEL is the world's best fuel for young athletes: a one-of-a kind protein and recovery bar developed specifically for kids. Fueling your athlete the right way will make a difference in their performance in the pool, on the field, or in the gym. 

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