Proper Hydration for Young Athletes on Meet Day

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With summer coming, it’s critical that young athletes stay hydrated during activity. In addition to serious health side effects, a reduction of just 2% of fluid can result in decreased performance by as much as 20% (ACSM).


The general hydration guidelines are:

1. Ensure young athletes are properly hydrated in the two hours leading up to activity.
2. During Activity, maintain hydration by consuming fluids at an equal rate to which they’re being lost via perspiration (heat, intensity, and duration of activity affect this rate).
3. Post activity, recover by replenishing fluids in the two hours following activity.
With these general guidelines in mind, see the infographic below visualizing the specifics to ensure young athletes stay hydrated and perform at their best.
Hydrating on Meet Day Infographic
Additionally, here is a printable one-page PDF if you'd like to print and reference on meet day. 
Do you have any hydration tips on meet day? If so, please comment below and we'll compile them for other parents. 

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  • Kassidy

    What do you do on meet-day to ensure your athlete stays hydrated? Any tips to share with other parents?

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