Nutrition Talk at Project Streamline!

Nutrition Talk 1
Before the winter break, I had the great opportunity to attend a Project Streamline camp in Los Altos, CA and speak to athletes about the importance of proper nutrition to athletic performance. 
Project Streamline was a three-day camp hosted by Olympians Larsen Jensen and Natalie Coughlin. They have more camps returning this summer, so keep your eyes out! 
It was a ton of fun speaking to some of the best young swimmers in the area. The goal of my 20-minute talk was to do two things:
First, convince these athletes that nutrition really does impact their performance. 
And second, teach them the basics of nutrition so they can use proper eating to gain an advantage over the competition. 
Here are the slides from the presentation: 
I found the first goal rather easy to accomplish. These kids have grown up understanding that nutrition matters, which is a great thing to see. They also understood many of the basic principles already, and simply needed some clarification around some of the finer points. 
We were also able to dive into eating at specific times/situations so they had a clear idea of what to eat and when, especially on meet day.
The participation from the athletes was fantastic and I had a blast!
In the coming months, we'll be headed to swim clubs in the Bay Area to host more of these talks. Our next stop is HDAC on January 12. If your club is interested, email me: and I'll set it up! 
Happy 2017! 
Nutrition Talk 2

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