HERO November Update Video

Reid here,
Yesterday Kassidy and I sat down to discuss a spooky October, Kassidy's Amazon obsession, and of course, the latest at HERO.
Enjoy the video and reach out if you have any input on packaging, feedback on the product, or anything at all!

If you haven't heard, HERO FUEL is a nutrition bar engineered from the ground up by the smartest minds in sports nutrition for kid and teeange athletes ages 8-16.
If you have an athlete and pay attention to what they're eating especially during long practice and game days, HERO FUEL is designed for you!
Try to free samples and put it to the Picky Eater test!


  • Jan Banks

    That was supposed to be an exclamation mark!!!

  • Jan Banks

    I just love the 2 of you! You make great videos ?

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