National Nutrition Month Giveaway!

National Nutrition Month Giveaway
March is national nutrition month! Obviously, we strongly believe in the importance of proper nutrition, especially for young athletes, so this is a cause close to our hearts. 
To celebrate, we're going to have a little fun with a giveaway. Here's the deal: 
Comment below (on this blog post) by filling in the blank:


Of course my athlete is skilled and dedicated to their sport, but you’d be surprised to know _________________. 


At the end of this week, we'll pick a winner (or a few!) from the comments and send you a HERO Bar Team Pack. 

HERO Bar Team Size

We love getting to know your athletes, so have some fun with it!


  • Laura Ashley

    That he loves to cook. He makes up his own healthy recipes that incorporates tons of fresh vegetables and crazy combinations that surprisingly taste amazing.

  • Lovely Choubey

    that she is a published author too! She has written a fiction novel that sells on

  • Morgan Hawes

    That she loves to play the piano. She’s currently playing City of Stars from the movie La La Land.

  • Veronica lopez

    That he has always dreamed of serving his country even at the age of 5 and is now a navy sea cadet and loves every minute he puts in his uniform. Makes me so proud!

  • Sarah Singh

    …that they LOVE science! They are always doing wacky experiments in the kitchen. I think it’s so cool!

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