Kid's Recommended Daily Allowances- Protein, Fiber, Sugar

Kids RDA Protein Fiber Sugar
We make a pretty big deal out of Kid's recommended daily allowances (RDAS). 

Why? It's simple, kids aren't just mini adults. Yes, kids and adults need the same macro and mirconutritients, however they need them in different quantities.  Kids' bodies function differently, thus their nutritional needs are unique. 

The Mayo Clinic puts it best: 

"Everyone needs the same types of nutrients — such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein and fat. Children, however, need different amounts of specific nutrients at different ages." Source

So what are kids' RDAs?

We focus on the three nutrients we believe to be most important for kids: protein, fiber, and sugar. 

The protein, fiber, and sugar RDAs for kids are as follows:

Kids' RDA

*This is the added sugar RDA. Sugar that doesn't come from naturally occurring sources such as fruit. Recommended added sugar is 10% of kids daily caloric intake. 

Let's quickly look at each one. 

Protein- Kids aged 6-14 Average RDA: 27 grams

Protein is critical for proper muscle and tissue development in kids. Too little protein can lead to fatigue and lack of energy. Too much protein can lead to dehydration, loss of calcium and kidney dysfunction (Source). HEROFUEL provides kids with 10 grams of protein or 37% of their protein RDA. 

Fiber- Kids Average RDA: 28 grams

Soluble fiber promotes gut health, helps you feel satiated for longer, and regulates blood sugar levels to avoid energy peaks and valleys. Too little fiber can lead to poor digestive health. Too much fiber creates uncomfortable side effects such as bloating and gas. HEROFUEL provides kids with 7 grams of fiber or 25% of their fiber RDA. 

Sugar- Kids Average RDA: 35 grams

Sugar is generally over consumed and has serious health implications. Kids should be careful to avoid food items high in sugar such as candy bars or soda which can provide a single days worth of sugar in one serving!

Sugar provides energy to the body and is burned during physical activity in the form of glucose. During sporting events, especially prolonged events lasting over 1 hour, sugar is a necessary fuel. HEROFUEL contains 8 grams of sugar or 20% of their RDA and comes from dark chocolate and honey 

In developing HEROFUEL we used these RDAs as a guide for building the nutrition label.

A bar can be considered a snack in addition to the three standard meals, so a good starting place for the RDAs a bar should contain is 1/4 or 25%. Kids often have trouble getting enough protein and fiber, so we increased these targets from 25% to 40%. On the flip side, kids generally consume too much sugar, especially if they are drinking a sports drink when competing, so we decreased the sugar target from 25% to 20%.

Therefore a bar designed for kids should have approximately 40% kids protein RDA, 30% kids fiber RDA, and 20% kids sugar RDA. 

Summarized here: 


And there you have it! There is the Kids' RDAs for protein fiber and sugar and how HEROFUEL was engineered to mirror these amounts. 



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