Isabelle Roberts

HERO athletes excel on the field and in their community. They have big dreams and are striving everyday to reach their goals. We are proud to fuel them on their journey.


Full Name: Isabelle Roberts

Age: 7

City: Fayetteville

We are so excited to introduce our newest HERO Athlete Isabelle Roberts! She is a young athlete from Fayetteville, Gerogia and she is an avid gymnast. Scroll down to read and learn more about Isabelle!
What sports do you play?
What is your team/club affiliation?
Stick It Gymnastics
What are your short and/or long term sports-related goals? What is your biggest dream?
Short term goal is to become an optional gymnast. Long term goal is to become an elite gymnast and compete internationally.
What has been your proudest moment as an athlete?
My proudest moment was when I became a National TOPs Diamond Team member.
What do you think are the three most important qualities needed to succeed as a young athlete?
Determination, competitive mindset , and disciplined
Why is paying attention to your nutrition as an athlete important?
Nutrition is key due to the demands that these young athletes are putting on their body.
Do you have a favorite pregame snack or meal?
Her favorite pre-competition breakfast is: scrambled eggs, yogurt, and fresh fruit.
Do you have any superstitions or rituals on game day?
Isabelle's superstition on competition day is to watch "The Gabby Douglas Story" on her way to her competition.
What is your biggest strength as a young athlete?
Her biggest strength is her focus. For such a young gymnast she is completely focused on her goals.
Which athlete or person do you look up to?
Simone Biles
Do you have any secret talents?
Her secret talent is that she is very artistic!



We can't wait to see where Isabelle's journey will take her!

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