HERO Talks to Kain Performance Kid's Triathlon Camp

HEROFUEL samples at Kain Performance Camp

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Pete Kain's kids triathlon camp in Los Gatos to talk to the kids about the importance of nutrition and of course, hand out samples of HEROFUEL!

It always surprises me how much kids pick up regarding nutrition, even if a few misnomers still pop up. 

We went over why nutrition is important in the first place, good pre-workout and post-workout meal ideas, and the basics of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. 

The kids were right on in identifying examples of carbs, fats, and proteins, and had a lot of great ideas for healthy snacks. The "why" is always more difficult for kids to grasp as in "why is protein important after exercising?" Nonetheless, we were able to talk through these slightly more technical aspects.

At their age, an understanding of the mechanics of nutrition is not as important as a general awareness that the food they eat impacts their health and performance. This is why it was so great to see the kids participating and enthusiastic about the subject. 

Of course at the end it was sample time.

We explained why and how HEROFUEL is designed specifically to be a protein bar for kids their age. We gave all the kids samples of HEROFUEL and provided bars for their goodie bags at the end of the camp. 

We'll be looking into more talks and sampling at sports camps this summer. If you know of a camp that would be interested in a 5-10 min nutrition talk during lunch or snack break, let me know!


Reid Pearson

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