Kane Gregor: HERO Quest LEGEND












Full Name: Kane Gregor

Birthday: July 17th, 2009


School: Union City

Wrestling ClubBears Wrestling Club

Hometown: Union City, Pennsylvania

Weight Class: 45 lbs.    

Most significant wins/accomplishments:

1. 8th place toc. Tournament of Champions columbus ohio.

2. Total record of 76 -22 as a 5 year old wrestling 8 and under

3. Harborcreek top 100 open champion

4.Eisenhower top 100 open champion

5. Saegertown top 100 open

 Kane Gregor wrestles tough! He has fun along the way, but we wouldn't want to have to face this kid out on the mat. Kane has a great mentality though, and he always believes that you should keep your chin up, which is what we at HERO love to see! He's been a great addition to the Quest and we are sure he is on his way to some great stuff. 


Why do you enjoy wrestling?

Because it's fun! 



What's the most important thing wrestling has taught you?

 Be a good sport. And be proud of whatever I do.


What's the best advice your coach has given you?

Stay off my knees and come up with my shot. Wrestle tough 

How do you handle tough defeats? 

Try to just think about my next match.    


What’s your proudest achievement as a wrestler?

Placing 8 at toc. And winning sub areas. 


What's your favorite wrestling move? 

The plow with a gut wrench.  

Do you have a hero/role model? 

Dustin Weilacher- a varsity wrestler who teaches me moves and comes to my tournaments.  



What's your favorite subject in school?






Do you play any sports aside from wrestling?

No, but I want to play football when I'm older.

Do you have any other hobbies outside of wrestling? 

Riding my bike and fourwheeler.  Hunt and help my dad fix things. 

What are your goals for your wrestling career?

I would like to wrestle in college and hopefully the olympics.  

What are your goals for the next 1-5 years?

To become the best wrestler I can. Win a state title.  

.What is your biggest area where you could improve?

My shot still needs work. Finishing my takedown. 


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  • Travis

    You the man Kaner! Good luck bud!

  • Dana

    Good luck Kaner!!!

  • Arleen Thompson

    Good luck Kane!!!

  • Leanne

    You got this Kane :) good luck!!!!

  • Troy Morris

    soldier on lil dude

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