Austyn Grady: HERO Quest LEGEND












Full Name: Austyn Grady

Birthday: March 10th, 2007


School: College Park Elementary

Wrestling ClubSummerville TakeDown WC

Hometown: Summerville, South Carolina

Weight Class: 65 lbs.     

Most significant wins/accomplishments: 

1. 2013-2014 Season perfect regular season 49-0
2. National Champion and All American Dixie Youth Nationals 2013.
3. National Champion and All American East Coast Nationals 2014
4. SC State Champion 49-0 2013-2014 Season
5. South Eastern Rookie Champion 2013-2014 Season
6. 2013-2014 Ranked #3 for 6 and under in US per Track

Austyn Grady loves wrestling, there isn't a doubt about that. Wrestling has given Austyn many things, like bravery and courage, all of which he has been able to take off the mat and put into real life. Austyn is especially looking beyond one bad practice or one tough loss, and looking towards how it makes him grow. He has everything it means to be a HERO, and we are sure he is off to a great start on what will become a long career of wrestling. Good luck out there Austyn!  


Why do you enjoy wrestling?

I like wrestling because it gives me courage and confidence in myself that I can do anything I want. 




What's the most important thing wrestling has taught you?

Wrestling has taught me to be brave. 

What's the best advice your coach has given you? 

Listen and do what they say and you will win. 

How do you handle tough defeats? 

I work and train harder at practice until I am able to beat the guy I lost too.   


What’s your proudest achievement as a wrestler?

Winning my first National Championship at the age of 6


What's your favorite wrestling move? 

 Snake/ Cement Mixer to Pin.

Do you have a hero/role model? 

 Jordan Burroughs! 



What's your favorite subject in school?

Math and P.E.   




Do you play any sports aside from wrestling?

I play Travel Football, Travel Baseball, Rec Baseball, Freestyle, and Greco Roman Wrestling 


Do you have any other hobbies outside of wrestling?  

Video games and riding dirt bikes. 

What are your goals for your wrestling career?

Wrestle 100% every time I step on the Mat 

What are your goals for the next 1-5 years?

Win more State and National Championships 

.What is your biggest area where you could improve?

Bottom position especially on escapes, and getting out faster when on bottom. 


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Travis Evans

You are a great wrestler. I love foward to watching you in High School. #scorpionstrong

Donna Larson

Good job ! Your Family is so proud of you!

Chryssie Craig

It warms my heart to see you accomplish ing your goal and staying determined. Keep moving forward! Love you bunches little man!!!


Keep up the good work!

Angela wright

Keep up the good work Austyn! You are going to do great things! Proud to say I know you!!

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