Cooper Theriault-Dinielli: HERO Quest LEGEND









Full Name: Cooper Theriault-Dinielli

Birthday: January 16th, 2008

Wrestling ClubCT Green Knights

School: Toffolon Elementary School

Hometown: Plainville, Connecticut

Weight Class: 64 lbs. Bantam.   

Most significant wins/accomplishments: Placing 1st at a big out of State tournament.  

Cooper Theriault-Dinielli: one of the hardest working and most passionate wrestlers we've had come through the Quest. This kid has spunk; he has pizzazz and he gives his whole effort every time he steps onto that mat, whether it be for practice or the match of his life. Cooper loves wrestling, and that's just the best part about all of it. He looks up to his older sister, Dakota, and the two of them make for a great pair of wrestlers. So be sure to read on, learn about Cooper and his favorite moves, his wrestling nemesis, and what he plans to do with his wrestling career. And thank you Cooper, you have been awesome to have along for the ride! 

Why do you enjoy wrestling?



I like wrestling because if I work hard then I can get lots of trophies.     

What's the best thing wrestling has taught you? 


That I'm going to go out and try hard and be strong! 

What's the best advice your coach has given you? 

My coach always reminds me to stay low in my stance.   

How do you handle tough defeats? 

If I get defeated it motivates me to work harder and learn from anything I did wrong. 


What’s your proudest achievement as a wrestler?

I'm proud that I've started placing at every tournament I go to. 

What's your favorite wrestling move?

My favorite move is the wrist and a half. 





Do you have a hero/role model?

My sister who is an excellent wrestler.

What's your favorite subject in school?  

I like gym class.      


Do you play any sports aside from wrestling?

I also play soccer, baseball and swimming.      

Do you have any other hobbies outside of wrestling?

I like to ride my quad and build lego's when I'm not wrestling.  

What are your goals for the next 1-5 years?

My goal is to beat my nemesis the next time we have a match together. 

What are your goals for your wrestling career?

I'm going to be the best I can be, always give 100%, and try to do my very best.



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