Healthier Treats for Halloween


Halloween is about two things: costumes and candy. It's a fun time for your athlete to use their imagination and to enjoy indulging in sweets while they watch a Halloween movie. Of course, too much candy can be detrimental to both teeth and your overall health. You don't have to sacrifice your sweet tooth, though! Your wrestler can keep their nutrition in check with our substitutes for slightly healthier dupes of classic sugary treats.



Instead of Reese's, try Unreal Unjunked Peanut Butter Cups. Unreal's cups provide the chocolatey goodness you love, but with 25 less calories, 5 less grams of sugar, and 25 less calories from fat per cup. Plus, they're non-GMO, gluten free, and have no cholesterol, no corn syrup, and no preservatives. Talk about guilt-free!


Instead of Starburst, try Jelly Belly Beans. A gentler chewy candy with 4 calories per bean (100 is only 25 calories!), which means you can eat more and still consume less calories. Though the sugar content isn't much different, Jelly Belly is dairy, peanut, gluten, and fat FREE. 


Instead of Snicker's, try Luna S'mores Bars. These flavored bars come in a variety on flavors, and they have many positives: they're organic, and significantly lower in sugar (13g vs. 27g), carbs (27g vs. 33g), and calories (180 vs. 250) than Snicker's. Almost 10g of protein is another plus!


Let us know: Which healthier treat do YOU prefer?



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