5 Apps Your Athlete Needs Right NOW


You can never have too many helpful apps! Your wrestler will be grateful for these 5 FREE apps to keep them balanced between school, practice, chores, and family time. If they don't already have it downloaded, they should! Take a look at our tried and true picks below. 



1. Wunderlist. This is the app that's all about keeping you organized by creating lists. Not only can you check off each item, but you can make notes about them and star your most important tasks. If you forget your planner, you can plug in a quick list of things to accomplish for the day on Wunderlist and never miss a beat!


2. USA Wrestling. Filled with all things wrestling, the USA Wrestling app is a great way for your athlete to stay updated. Video interviews with wrestlers and their training sessions, a collection of social media posts, a magazine and more! Your wrestler can build a basic profile and look at clubs and events across the country, too.


3. Evernote. The ultimate necessity for being productive! Evernote gives you the tools to keep track of photos, ideas, school assignments, voice memos, etc. so you can store and find them easily when you need them. The end-all, be-all for staying on track.


4. Lumosity. You want your athlete to improve their mind in the games they play, correct? Lumosity's got you covered. It helps will memory, focus, critical thinking, and more through fun, simple games. Your athlete can track their progress as well and challenge themselves as they continue playing different courses. A parent's and teacher's ideal solution to making the most of down time.


5. Sworkit. If your wrestler wants to improve in physical activity, this app has tons of different easy moves to increase strength and flexibility organized by workout type and body region. You can even customize your own personal mini workout to suit your mood and needs each day. A free collection of basic and advanced fitness moves? Always good to have on hand.


Let us know: What are YOUR must have apps?



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