How Wrestling Helps You in Other Activities


Being a wrestler means you have to have your head in the game. All that work you sweat out during practices and matches doesn't just benefit you on the mat - it can make some things easier in your daily life, too! Check out how experience as a wrestler helps you out in other ways!


1. Patience. Everyone starts somewhere in any sport, and wrestling is no exception. If you can accept help from your coach and teammates and improve your technique, you're bound to succeed. But success takes lots and lots of hard work, and that takes patience. Accepting this means you're dedicated to your sport, and this can apply to other situations. Waiting for food at a restaurant? Sharing your video games with your siblings? Your patience can improve if you just remember that it's all part of life and not everything is gonna go the way you want.


2. Self-defense. Your natural wrestling instincts increase your chances of being successful in self-defense. Your reflexes improve when you wrestle against an opponent, and that can be valuable for your safety when faced with a potentially dangerous situation. Look into taking a self-defense course to see the similarities. You won't just learn new tools to protect yourself, but it could help you in your wrestling matches, too!


3. Public speaking. Maybe you're the kind of wrestler who loves to score points and make moves to please the crowd. Your confidence in yourself can be channeled into your schoolwork. Presentations in class are unavoidable, so if you pump yourself up the way you would for a competition, you'll impress your peers and earn a killer grade. A real win-win!


4. Little details. Being a wrestler means keeping your eyes open and being observant. This trait is beneficial in everything you do, because when you're paying attention, you're less likely to forget something or miss an opportunity. Whether you're trying to remember something from a movie or grabbing a bag of groceries your mom left in the car, you become more present in everyday situations.


5. Homework. Yes, this one is a bit obvious, but it's very much worth mentioning. The physical activity of wrestling and training provides its own advantages to being successful with schoolwork, but if you're a fan of technical moves, that can help you ace all kinds of homework - math, science, literature, etc. Using your brain to execute quality work at your desk will pay off, just like your training does. Now that another school year is started, you'll be happy you have wrestling to keep you sharp in everything else you do!

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Maizie Berkeley

Wrestling helps with daily self disapline, patience, and keeping a positive attitude during trying moments. Being a wrestler helps an individual know exactly how hard one can push their self. Being in the center of a mat with another opponent makes public appearances and speaking a breeze. Knowing practice makes perfect helps in all areas of life, not just on the mat. Wrestlers push their self & each other like no other.

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