Injuries in Youth Wrestling: THE FACTS Part 2!

After my last blog post on how often your young wrestlers get hurt and where, a couple of you emailed me and expressed your relief after hearing that the chances of your athletes getting hurt were so low. But, being loving, cautious mothers, you also wanted to know what kinds of injuries happen most frequently so that you can help prevent them. To serve the HERO Wrestling family, I’ve decided to do a little research into this subject.

Luckily, I didn’t have to do too much work because Dr. Ali Akbarnejad and Dr. Mansour Sayyah from the Kowsar Medical Institute have already done the work for us! They’ve endlessly researched and observed wrestlers to determine the frequency of various wrestling-related injuries.

According to the docs, the most frequent injuries were skin lesions such as ringworm and staph infections (62%), muscle (22%), bone (9%), and joint (7%) injuries.

So it seems all of you mothers worried about your kids breaking bones can feel a bit at ease. At the same time, the focus should be concentrated on the infections your wrestler is exposed to. Now, we can’t do too much about kids falling on the mat during a match and scraping themselves. BUT, we can, however, help to make it not nearly as harmful when they do fall! We do this by keeping the mats clean with HERO wrestling shoe skins. After all, your child getting ringworm, staph, or MRSA from a dirty mat should be the last thing you busy mothers have to worry about!


Source Citation:

Akbarnejad, A., & Sayyah, M. (2012). Frequency of sports trauma in elite national level greco-roman wrestling competitions. Archives of Trauma Research, 1(2), 51–53. doi:10.5812/atr.6866

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