Nutrition Facts: The Kid Zone

When formulating HEROFUEL we worked tirelessly to ensure it was the best protein bar on the market for active kids aged 6-12. As I outlined in this post, a key characteristic of HEROFUEL is that the nutrition facts are scaled to the appropriate levels for this age group. 

A quick analysis of the most popular protein bars on the market shows that the vast majority of these bars are designed with adults in mind, not kids. 

To show this visually, I took the 20 most popular protein bars on Amazon as of May 7th 2016 and plotted them on a graph. By analyzing two of the most important components in bars, Sugar and Protein, we can see a pretty significant gap in the nutritional area we call the Kid Zone. 

 HEROFUEL Sugar vs. Protein

HEROFUEL Sugar vs. Protein Analysis

The red dots indicate the bar is not all natural, green dots indicate the bar is all natural. 

The Kid Zone is a nutritional area around <10g of sugar and between 7-12g of protein. This is the area ideal for 6-12 year olds competing in sport where protein is crucial for muscle recovery and some sugar is okay to maintain energy levels during activity. 

To be sure, there are other bars on the market that also fall into this range despite not being designed for kids. However, we believe when you consider additional factors such as taste, ingredients (HEROFUEL uses only 11 ingredients), and packaging (HEROFUEL uses a resealable zipper pouch), HEROFUEL is the superior bar for fueling your young athlete during competition.

Do you have thoughts on this nutritional analysis? Let me know! 


Reid Pearson

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