Riley Baker Hero Athlete

Full Name: Riley Baker Team : Sandpipers of Nevada Age: 13 Hero athletes excel on the field and in their community. They have big dreams and strive everyday to reach their goals. We are proud to fuel them! #FuelGreatness Hero profiles are powered by Hero Fuel: The world's number one nutrition bar for kid and teenage athletes.

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Kadence Cole

Meet this uber-talented young athlete from Lancaster, CA! Kadence is a tri-sport athlete who is focused on her craft in all three sports with professional aspirations to play in the WNBA. Click here to read more about Kadence Cole!

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Max Speed

Meet this speedy left footed soccer player all the way from Honolulu, Hawaii! Max Speed has speed in his blood (literally), and is elite in every definition and has professional aspirations. What are you waiting for? Click here to read more about Max Speed!

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Therman Williams III

Meet Therman Williams III, an all-star football player from Riverside, California. Not only is he an elite athlete, he is a true embodiment of a student-athlete as he strives to excel on the field and in the classroom. Click Here to read more about Therman

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