Olivia Cooper TEAMHERO Athlete

Olivia Cooper TEAMHERO Athlete

#TeamHERO kids encompass everything it means to be a true HERO: they are athletes, scholars, and volunteers. They strive to achieve their full potential on and off the field. Each month we celebrate a local athlete who demonstrates these attributes.

Olivia is a competitive gymnast out of Edge Gymnastics in Dublin, CA. Getting to know Olivia was a true pleasure as she is such a well-rounded, thoughtful young woman. We can't wait to follow Olivia and witness all that she achieves in her sport and in her life. Enjoy our Q&A with Olivia Cooper!

Full Name: Olivia Cooper

Age: 11

Hometown: Livermore


What sports do you play?

Competitive Gymnastics

Why do you love Gymnastics?

It is challenging and it forces me to be brave and strong. 

What's your favorite gymnastics move? 

Standing back tuck on floor.

What's the best advice a coach has given you? 

Success always comes from failure. It's always worth it when you're up on the podium!



Who's your favorite teacher? 

Mike! He is encouraging and makes me try my hardest and never give up. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A gymnast in the olympics or a plastic surgeon. Or both!



Who is your best friend?

Brianna. She is always supportive and encouraging and we have a lot of fun together. 

What do you believe makes someone a good person? 

They help other people. 

If you became President tomorrow, what's the first thing you'd do? 

Help build houses for the homeless. 

Who is your Hero?

My parents. They love me so much and would do anything for me. 

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