The Ultimate Meet Day Menu

We know fueling your athlete on meet day can be hard, so we put together the ultimate meet day menu to ensure your athlete is properly fueled.
These are the ideal foods your athlete should consume on meet day. Use it as a precise menu or as a rough guide and your athlete will be at his or her best! 
Pay attention to the guidelines at the end of the infographic to tailor this menu to your athlete's specific meet day schedule. 

Meet Day Menu

A few notes: 
1. Adjust to your athlete's unique swim schedule
2. When eating HERO FUEL pre-race, allow yourself 30 minutes to digest. Post-race, be sure to eat the second half within 30 minutes for maximum benefit. 
3. Regarding Subway, some options are better than others. Avoid fatty condiments and allow yourself at least one hour to digest the larger meal (meat also takes the body longer to digest.) Pro tip: purchase a footlong on the first day of the meet and save the second half for the next day. 
Questions? Reply below or email us if we can provide any further info! 


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