Ellie Cooley

HERO athletes excel on the field and in their community. They have big dreams and are striving everyday to reach their goals. We are proud to fuel them on their journey.


Full Name: Ellie Cooley

Age: 14

State: Maryland

We are so excited to introduce our newest HERO Athlete Ellie Cooley! She is a young multi-sport athlete from Maryland. She has just recently joined cross country and has also done gymnastics in the past. Scroll down to read and learn more about Ellie!
What sports do you play?
Gymnastics, Cross Country
What is your team/club affiliation?
Currently on cross county team with 127 members! Recently quit gymnastics but still constantly hang out with old teammates
What are your short and/or long term sports-related goals? What is your biggest dream?
My biggest dream is really just to stay fit and healthy throughout my whole life. When I am older, I want to promote health and fitness by being a coach for gymnastics, lacrosse, field hockey, diving or dance (these are a few of the many sports I have done and enjoyed)
What has been your proudest moment as an athlete?
Scoring a 9.8 at my first ever competition on floor!
What do you think are the three most important qualities needed to succeed as a young athlete?
Determination, strength and love for your sport.
Why is paying attention to your nutrition as an athlete important?
Because you need to fuel your body with the right foods.
What are your healthy nutrition habits?
I usually eat fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch and my diner varies. I also do not drink sodas or other unhealthy drinks.
Do you have a favorite pregame snack or meal?
Bars!! They are my absolute favorite
Do you have any superstitions or rituals on game day?
I always get very nervous before a meet but act like I'm not. My teammates calm me down and I help calm them down. We like to tell each other jokes to take our minds off the race.
What is your biggest strength as a young athlete?
Staying strong in the worst possible conditions
Which athlete or person do you look up to?
My Cross Country teammates. They always help me keep moving on hard days. Although many of them are faster then me, the always support me and are happy when I improve.
Do you have any secret talents?
Not really, I'm only ever good at things if I practice super hard.



We can't wait to see where Ellie's journey will take her!

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