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Full Name: Hudson Sheppard

Birthday: May 9th, 2007


School: Harmony Elementary

Wrestling ClubCushing Tigers

Hometown: Cushing, Oklahoma

Weight Class: 61 lbs.     

Most significant wins/accomplishments: 

2014 OKWA State Champion Division I – 55 lbs
2014 Tulsa Nationals 3rd, Division I – 55 lbs
2015 OKWA State 3rd, Division II – 61 lbs
2014 OKWA Northwest Regionals 1st, Division I – 55 lbs
2014 & 2015 Outstanding Wrestler Award


Why do you enjoy wrestling?

I like training with my friends and competing. It’s fun to learn new moves and get stronger.



What's the most important thing wrestling has taught you?

Wrestling has taught me how to defend myself and control my strength. It has helped to teach me that I am in control of my behavior and actions on and off the mat. 



What's the best advice your coach has given you?

If you want to win forever, always compete. 

How do you handle tough defeats? 

I practice harder to learn from the mistakes I made. I want to be continuously improving my skills, knowledge, and strength.   


What’s your proudest achievement as a wrestler?

My proudest achievement as a wrestler was winning the 2014 OKWA State Championship when I was six years old. I’m also very proud of placing 3rd at Tulsa Nationals in 2014 and earning 3rd at the 2015 OKWA State Tournament. I have recently developed sports induced asthma and due to extreme breathing complications during the finals match at this year’s State Tournament (2015), I came in 2nd. I had to forfeit the challenge for 2nd match to the boy who won 3rd, because I was unable to breath and compete. It was then that I realized that winning is not always the most important thing. I am working with my doctor’s to better control my breathing and ensure that my health allows me to always compete in the future.


What's your favorite wrestling move? 

The head in the side cradle is my favorite wrestling move. 

Do you have a hero/role model? 

My dad!  



What's your favorite subject in school?

I enjoy learning about all things Science.  




Do you play any sports aside from wrestling?


Do you have any other hobbies outside of wrestling? 

I enjoy playing with my friends, spending time with my family, fishing with my Dad, and all things outside. 

What are your goals for your wrestling career?

 I want to wrestle for the University of Oklahoma and be a National Champion.

What are your goals for the next 1-5 years?

 For wrestling, I want to continue to get stronger, learn more, win state each year, and place at Nationals and the Worlds Tournament. I am also working toward my black belt inJujitsu, American Kenpo, Chinese Kenpo, Ryukyu Kenpo, and Taekwondo. I am currently a purple belt. I want to continue to earn straight A’s in all my classes at school and continue to participate in community service projects to help others and give back.

.What is your biggest area where you could improve?

I think overall improvement is key to becoming a well-rounded wrestler. I have to improve on and off the mat to achieve all my long term goals. 


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  • Vickie Dunlap

    Hey Hudson, you are having a great year. Keep up the good work. Continue to be the fine young boy that you are ?

  • Trad Sheppard

    Hudson “The Honey Badger” Sheppard you are an outstanding wrestler and an amazing little boy!

  • Delores Mills

    We’re so proud of you Hudson!

  • Scott Wheaton


  • Any Sheppard

    You make me so proud Hudson Stihl! I am blessed to be your Momma. Love you as big as the sky Hulk Hudson!

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