How To Avoid Sickness During the Wintertime

Your wrestler is probably stoked for the holidays for the break from school, but what's a break if you get sick? It definitely sucks the fun out of a time to relax and enjoy everything special. Even though your athlete will probably assure you they won't catch the flu or get a cold, we know better - it can happen even to the best of us. See our super easy ways to prevent any kind of illness during the coldest months of the year.


1. Vitamin C. Better to eat some oranges or drink some orange juice in the morning instead of relying on citrus cough drops later. Incorporating some vitamin C into your breakfast doesn't take more effort than pouring a glass of OJ.


2. Keep your warmth close... No more excuses about forgetting your hat or gloves or scarf when you head out into the freezing outdoors! Get into the habit of keeping your gloves in your jacket pocket, and your hat and scarf in each arm. Magic!


3. And your friends closer! Don't underestimate the power of good company. A hug from someone you care about can calm you down in times of stress and make you feel better. Stress can cause sickness, too, so surround yourself with good people who can also make you laugh as much as possible.


4. Take a nap. Such a simple way to decompress, especially if you have homework to do over break. Instead of getting frustrated, step away from your assignments and get in a solid midday nap. Listen to your body!


5. Tea. Tea will be your best friend this winter. This hot drink comes in endless flavors and soothes your throat like nothing else can. A cup before bed? Yes please!


Let us know: How do YOU stay healthy in the winter?



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