HERO November Update Video

Yesterday Kassidy and I sat down to  discuss a spooky October, Kassidy's Amazon obsession, and of course, the latest at HERO.  Enjoy the video and reach out if you have any input on packaging, feedback on the product, or anything at all! 

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Arielle Avina

Meet our newest HERO Athlete Arielle Avina! Our newest athlete is a 10 year old cross country runner who has already achieved elite status at a young age! See what she had to say when we interviewed her!

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Addison Torres

Addison Torres is our newest HERO Athlete from San Antonio, Texas. Not only does she excel in the gym as an elite gymnast, she truly excels off the field too such as her relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey with fellow HERO Athlete Kailey Domingo. Click on the article to read more!

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Kailey Domingo

Meet our newest HERO Athlete Kailey Domingo from San Antonio, Texas! She is a Level 7 Gymnast and also runs a YouTube account with her best friend! Click on the article to find out more about Kailey!

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Mia Bella Triana-Vidal

Meet our newest HERO Athlete Mia Bella Trina-Vidal from sunny Miami, Florida! She is a very accomplished young athlete who not only excels at the gym, but also in the classroom!

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